13th July 2024


"I love this Toolkit. Its jam-packed with great ideas, information and anecdotes that will help coaches to learn how to become effective communicators. Keith and Paul really understand how to get the most out of coaches and players. They are two of the best coaches I've ever worked with. The Toolkit is the tennis coach's bible."   

Judy Murray - special adviser and mother of Andy Murray


"Keith Reynolds & Paul Dent, do an exceptional job in hitting on so many of the key elements to develop any and every tennis player! This is truly a terrific guideline to work from and can help, parents, players and coaches alike  in the search to reach their own potential. Truly a great book."

Paul Annacone - Coach to Roger Federer


'I like the consistent and structured way this comprehensive book has been written. The clear guidelines provide ample support and ideas, without being rigid or forcing you in a certain direction. Coaches can use it as a frame of reference and as a way to 'gauge' the effectiveness of their usual approach.' 

Frank van Fraayenhoven, Director of coaches education KNLTB, The Netherlands.


"The toolkit, by coaches Dent and Reynolds, is a very thorough guide for tennis coaches working with players at all levels. It is a resource that all coaches should have in their library " 

Dr. Mark Kovacs


'Mark and I share the belief that it goes straight to the top of any coach resource [pile] - and I've got most of them!!'

Phil Newbury (and Mark Winship) Owners of 'My Tennis', Loughborough International High Performance Centre


'I love it. The resource contains a wealth of useful and practical information for anyone involved in sport, not just for coaches (for whom this should be a ‘must have’ reference kit). I believe this resource will make a significant impact on the continual development of coaches and support staff who are serious about their sport and  passionate to improve their delivery and ultimately player progress and development.'

Roberto Forzoni, former LTA National Performance Psychologist and sport psychologist in Premiership football clubs


'Its heavy but I wouldn't travel without it, every day in coaching there is a circumstance that requires an intervention, even if it is, to do nothing, the toolkit provides me with the security of knowing there is a well thought out, detailed response that may be applicable.’

Denise Holland, National Coach Scottish Netball


'Can I say that you have really planted a seed within my brain. Thoughts of mine have been increased mainly on how effective I am on court and how the players react to me. I feel that the course was just brilliant. A great buy.'

Craig Stock (Lansdown Tennis Club)


I just wanted to say I had a great day and have been to so many of these coach education days but by far yours helped me the most I think by having a good balance of command and player lead drills and getting the kids to make up the drill based around the skill you are trying to improve  on the court, this will help them buy into the drill therefore hopefully encourage work rate and success.

I have always had this coaching style where I have had a mix of styles but usually more towards the command  and since coming to your coach education day I  definitely put more emphasis on the player having freedom and taking ownership of his or her tennis so thank you I feel my players will really benefit from this.

Ben Reeves, Pavillion and avenue Tennis Club


'This is an exciting book for coaches of all levels. The different approach in presenting coaching skills and knowledge is the consequence of the authors’ extensive experience in coaching as well as in coach education. The ‘Coach's Toolkit’ will not only help coaches to optimise their coaching and improve the performance of their players but also enable them to discover and enjoy the variety and creativity of their role.'   

Hrvoje Zmajic, ITF/Tennis Europe Development Officer


‘I view the document as an integral part of my coaching development’ 

Jamie Evans, coach at Gosling LTA High Performance Centre


 I wanted to just say thank you for a brilliant day.  I got up at 5am, left at 6am to get there for 9.30am, and drove 3.5 hours home again thanks to rush hour, and it was worth every mile.

 Dave Gaterell   www.courtsidesports.co.uk


'I loved your work on coaching and creating the right performance environment – was very cool and on the “button”. Good luck with taking that forward as well – it’s a fabulous resource.'

Kereyn Smith,  CEO, New Zealand Academy of Sport South Island


'Congratulations for the excellent resource'  

Miguel Crespo, PhD. Development/Coaching Department for the International Tennis Federation


For me the toolkit is brilliant. Very real and helpful. Coach education I have experienced has never got down to this personal level. Like the style as you do not have to cut through loads of academic and theoretical stuff. 
Thanks again.

Simon Corbishley, Head Coach of Cheltenham