13th July 2024


The Toolkit focuses attention on 'how to coach' as opposed to 'what to coach'  

The Tennis Toolkit

  • You may have read and bought the "100 Best Drills for Tactics."
  • You may even have the "100 Best Tips to Improve Technique."
  • You are about to discover the 747 best Ideas and practices for coaching the 'Mental Fortress' that players dream about with all of the advice set against a background that is written for tennis coaches by tennis coaches.

Thank you for visiting The Tennis Coach's Toolkit. It truly is A Pathway to Super Coaching.

  • Watch the Home Page video introduction and familiarise yourself with our unique services which bring to life a magical ingredient for you, the 'how to' of coaching.

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Keith Reynolds

I have had a privileged professional life, I have been able to turn an interest into a career. 

What ultimately has attracted my attention has been the similarity between playing and coaching

Let me explain.

Both tennis players and coaches require receiving and sending skills. 

For tennis players it is centred around the ball.

For coaches it is centred around communication.

Sending skills are relatively easy.

                                        Receiving skills are much more demanding.

                                        The Toolkit redresses this imbalance.

Paul Dent

Drills are drills ... and there are hundreds, if not thousands!

Forehands are forehands.

Technique is technique.

Squats are squats.

Tactics are relatively simple.

However there is more complexity in helping another to acquire these skills as doing so involves human to human interaction and with it effective coaching.

...And yes as such, more to go wrong but oh so much more to go right!

  • The challenge we as coaches have is that we know intuitively and/or through our experiences that the mental component of a player is critical. Yet our confidence to tackle this key factor can inhibit us and a lack of truly pragmatic resources compounds our inertia...BUT not any longer!

There's the Toolkit now!

  • For years we have noticed coaches searching for that elusive drill or teaching aid; for that bit of magic that would transform their coaching.
  • We have witnessed the negative consequences of this futile search as coaches fail to be fully satisfied by each newly found drill or exercise. The initial benefit of the new drill or technical teaching change quickly dilutes and the coach returns to their original form, searching for the next magic idea.

It is not however what we do but how we do it that has the potential to provide that bit of everlasting magic.